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Is Yoga for me?

The short answer to this question is YES, ABSOLUTELY! People often say to me that they'd love to do yoga but they aren't flexible.  You really don't need to be super bendy to come to a yoga class, not all posture require flexibility and even the ones that do can be worked towards. 


What happens in a Class?

My classes tend to follow the format below:

  • Centering - this is where we arrive and prepare for our practice
  • Warming up - preparing the muscles for the work to come
  • Asana practice - these are yoga posture and sequences
  • Warming down
  • Pranayama/Meditation
  • Relaxation

Actual classes vary week on week and we sometimes spend a few weeks working on balances or towards a specific posture.


What do I wear/bring?

I'm lucky to be working out of a very well equipped studio.  Any props we need are provided and we even have mats and blankets.  You are of course welcome to bring your own mats and props if you prefer.  I'd recommend that everyone brings water to drink and wears comfortable clothing which allows a full range of movement.  No special socks or shoes are needed as it's best to practice barefoot.